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Alejandro, a young documentary filmmaker, beings a search for the location of the remains of his uncle Julio César who left Cuba for the United States in 1980 in the Mariel Boatlift to never return again to the island. With the goal of bringing the ashes of his uncle and placing them next to those of his grandmother, Alejandro uncovers a past that is hard for his family to face, and travels through unfamiliar physical and spiritual spaces that guide his search.  Resurrección is an essay film that posits a reflection on memory and the possibilities that film offers to recreate an image.


alejandro-alonsoAlejandro Alonso (Director)

Graduate of Sociocultural Studies. With Crisálida, he was awarded the prize for Best Short Documentary at the Film Festival of  Oaxaca (México) and the prize for best Short Documentary at the New York City Short Film Festival (USA). La Despedida (The Farewell) had its international premiere at IDFA, was awarded Best Film in the Achievements category at FICUNAM (México), the Full Frame President Award (USA), and Special Jury Mention at the 44th Sehsüchte Festival (Germany, 2015). He is currently working on Resurrección, his first full-length documentary.


yamila-marreroYamila Marrero Montero (Producer)

Graduate in Art History. Winner on several occasions of the The Kingdom of this World Scholarship from the Association of the Brothers Saíz for the production of audiovisual material. Producer of the full-length documentary Villa rosa (Lázaro González) and of the debut work of fiction, Years of Meteors (Rafael Ramírez), both earning the support of the Sparring Partners Italian Fund and the Norwegian Fund for Cuban Cinema respectively. She is currently working on the full-length documentary Resurrección (Alejandro Alonso).

by Alejandro Alonso